Implementation of labour law on foreign workers within EXPO 2017

As part of the KAZGUU Graduate School’s Labour Law course, a guest lecture titled ‘Practical aspects of applying labour law to foreign workers’ was organised for master’s students in research and education, and all those interested.

The main features of the guest lecture included a detailed analysis of the highly topical issues of foreign labour (in the light of the upcoming EXPO 2017), and also the presentation of the current states of the regulatory enforcement applied by courts in Kazakhstan.

The speakers at the lecture included the expers in corporate and labour issues of the law firm GRATA: Gaukhar Akina, LLM University of Manchester; and Ainur Takeyeva, MBA SolBridge International School of Business.

The lecture touched on the following issues:

· The concept of quota on foreign labour in Kazakhstan;
· Conditions for using foreign labour, legal bases for applying for permissions to use foreign labour;
· Work activities of foreign citizens and stateless persons through intra-company transfer;
· Work activities of foreign citizens and stateless persons through self-employment;
· Measures of administrative and criminal sanctions established by national and international law for violations of labour law in using foreign workers.